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The Classic 88 is a modern update to the original Classic. Keeping true to its heritage, the ‘88 still features K-Swiss’ iconic D-rings and three-piece toe but has a fuller silhouette. Made from premium leather, the Classic ‘88 is a refined shoe for those with refined taste.

Technical Description

•Leather/Synthetic Leather Upper


•Textile Collar Lining

•Molded Rubber Outsole

•CMEVA Midsole

•Die-cut EVA Sock Liner •Lace Closure

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Size 14 Brian
Love these but need them in a 14
Sherman tank of tennis shoes Pelican
This shoe is hot, hot, hot. There is no ventilation in the toe area and only two holes on the inside of the arch. My socks are soaked after wearing these shoes. The shoe has an overall stiffness due to the lack of mesh being used anywhere. The availability of Extra Wide is nice and the toe area is generous. The arch is just OK but that's what you normally get in tennis shoes. The inner sole is on the firm side decreasing the comfort level somewhat.
See above Sammy
I've been waiting for over a year now for size 81/2 original classic. Are you ever going to have them again?
classi fashionable zaldy
Love them back hen 80s..last i remember i love the fit of czechoslovakia made. where are they now?
Loyalty Fan
Thank you for making all sizes. K-Swiss Classic is the best of the best.
Forever Shoes Fan
Need size 10 1/2.
Size 6 or 6.5 the classic 88 Teens
love the shoe... been wearing it since the 80's..pls have a 6 or 61/2 size available in stock pls im going to get 2 pairs
i need size 9.5 ASAP..... please Motet
i love the shoe... been wearing it since the 80's..... pls have a 9.5 size available in stock ASAP
Need big boy sizes Proofn
I wear a 17 please help me. Haven't had a pair of these in years (1) of my fave brands!
Are the 9 or 9 1/2's out of stock? Eric
Are the 9 or 9 1/2's out of stock?
disappointed Lesia
if size 11 was in stock, I would have ordered today
Will buy as soon as its in stock. Eric
Need more!
Need sizes larger than 10.5! Bill
This is a fantastic show that I've worn for decades.
True Classic vicdmon
I've been wearing it since 1988. Just got my new pair and I'm really excited to wear them. It looks perfect and the longer I have it the more classy it looks (when the stripes and the sole is fading yellowish)
Sizes Tony
The Mid that I purchased was from another website because you did not have my size in that sneaker either!
More Sizes Tony
I had to purchase the Mid because you don't have my size!
where are the classic sizes? Reginald
thease are my go to sneaker, but need more way more sizes asap
Two sizes available not gonna work Jojo
Love the shoe just need more sizes
Love them Bunny
Love this shoe been wearing them since 66 really the only sneaker I like wearing. Like buying two they r expensive now waiting on a sale
i've been waiting for size 9.5 for the last 3 months rigor
I've been using k swiss mens classic since 80's........ very comfortable
I want to purchase a pair immediately. MPJ
Great shoe. Can you please make more in all white. Trust me people will buy them.
Love the shoe!!!! Ron, and btw, it's not a "nickname"
Love the shoe. Only been wearing it since early 80's still, but I must say, aside from being very disappointed that you don't have size 10 today.
Size 11 Owens
The best shoe ever. Why don't you have my size?
The five stars in "rating" pertains to the original classic. I have purchased eight or ten pair, for me, over the years and the original is by far the best over any of your other styles in fit, style, arch support. JL
Are you not making the original, your first shoe, in sizes above 8 1/2? (in white)
The Classic...and the memories. Scott
After having worn 2-3 pairs in middle & high school during the early/mid-80's...and to still have that timeless look (The Classic), I had to get another pair...thanks to KS for having an 8. The toe isn't quite as narrow as the 80's original and there are some other very subtle differences, but it's more than close enough. The blue perforated rubber insole, thick leather upper and 5 straps, and the solid rubber soul and make this a standard shoe option. Buyer beware....also true to the original, they run a quarter-size your same size will work, but prepare to have a "relaxed" fitting shoe.
Great for tennis. Look good for casual wear. Last along time. ricardo
I have been wearing these for tennis and everything else for probably 30 years or more. They hold up very well. Have good tread on the bottom. I have a narrow foot. They also work well for me because of that. Love these shoes.
Need more sizes Rich
Men's shoes in 7 or 8.5 is not a man's shoe.
I need size 10-1/2!!!!! geo
I need size 10-1/2! Why don't you make this in size 10-1/2?????????
Classic canvass Jeff
Been looking for this classic shoes but what iwant is the canvass version of this one..owned one when iwas still in high school 1988..czechoslovakia made..hope you wil consider making the canvass version again..
i love the shoe! george
why does it not come in size 10-1/2 ?